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3 smart formulars, 1 goal:
Your dream figure!
Go to bed with dreams. Wake up with plans. Make it happen!
Only for a short time:
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3 smarte Rezepturen, 1 Ziel:
Deine Traumfigur!
Go to bed with dreams. Wake up with plans. Make it happen!
We make products you can rely on:
Made in Germany:
All our products are made in Germany and tested in Switzerland.
FettShredder is also available in pharmacies without prescription. 
Our PZN number is:
Acting resposively is important to us. Therefore, we donate a part of all revenues to selected projects annually.
We rely on the power of nature, produce biologically and only use ecologically harmless ingredients.
Get in shape!
FettShredder helps accelerating your energy and fat metabolism and provides your body with essential vitamins, valuable extracts, enzymes and minerals.
  •  Fat Burner 24/7: For your daily fat burning.
  •  Energy Boost: Crank up your energy metabolism.
  •  Only the best vitamins: B1, B2, B12 & vitamin Cs
  •  Bye Bye gloomy mood: Stimulates your digestion.
  •  Fall asleep relaxed again: Contains valerian, hops & co.
FettShredder: As individual as your goals.
3 special combinations of active ingredients that are precisely matched for each other. FettShredder accompanies you for an entire month and helps you to reach your goals
In the moring
Start the day fit and in a good mood: green tea and guarana extract help to boost your energy metabolism and combat morning fatigue.
L-Carnitine already starts your fat burning in the morning.
Vitamin B3 (niacin) for additional regeneration of skin cells, muscles and nerves.
Chromium prevents blood sugar fluctuations and increases the absorption of amino acids into the muscles.
Daily dose:
During the day
Vitamins B1 and B2 support you in the processing of carbohydrates and supply your brain with glucose.
The antioxidant vitamin C: For a normal function of your energy metabolism and fights fatigue attacks.
Choline and L-Carnitine continue to stimulate your fat metabolism and support your
Liver functions.
Important enzymes: Vitamin B5 and bromelain support your digestion.
At night
Our sleeping miracle: hop, lemon balm and valerian extracts gently lull you into  sleep. 
L-tryptophan releases happiness hormones and a precursor of melatonin sleep hormones
at the same time.
During your relaxed sleep, L-Carnitine works very gently on your fat metabolism, supplies your cells with blood and helps oxidation and the Removal of fat that accumulates in the cells.
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